Protect Yourself, Protect Your Business

We learn a lot from experience but ensuring our business is protected is something we do not want to leave to chance. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Alessandra Long. You may recognize her as the former President of the Junior League of Greenwich. We know her as the go-to attorney and brilliant mind looking to help steer new and existing business owners in the right direction.

For those of you busy moms contemplating starting a new business or currently running a small business it is wise to consult with an attorney before you embark on your journey.  There are issues you need to discuss such as creating the correct business entity, the proper documents to run your business prudently, will you have a website and what protections are necessary to limit your liability.

Consulting with an attorney early in the process will make things go smoothly and give you peace of mind. Alessandra is happy to assist with your legal needs. This call may be the most important call you make… for you and your business.