parent and college student protection

It’s hard to believe as a parent that some very serious issues can present themselves to their children and they would have no Legal Rights to help them. By the same token, 18 year olds are new to the adult game, and there are some decisions that they now need to face and understand to protect themselves in the future.

We remind parents and students who are at college, leaving for college, or 18 and following a different path that estate planning is not just for the elderly.  Once a student turns 18, he or she is an adult in the eyes of the law.  There are ramifications that some may not be aware of.  For example, parents will no longer be able to control the healthcare decisions of their child.  As one client shares,  
“My daughter had minor surgery last year. Because she had turned 18, the nurses weren’t going to provide me with pre-surgical instructions nor would I be given the post surgery care instructions. Because I had a medical records release form in place, they were able to provide me with everything and frankly, they were thrilled that I had it. Doctors and nurses certainly don’t want patients to be unprepared, but HIPAA law prevents them from providing parents even basic information.”
To ensure a parent will be able to act on behalf of their child both medically and financially, there are four key documents which should be put in place to reduce stress and worry should a need arise:
1) Authorization of Medical Records
2) Health Care Proxy
3) Living Will
4) Durable Power of Attorney
Completing these documents can be done over the phone, in person, by mail and email, however works best for the client.  Alessandra has worked with local families for many years to ensure a smooth transition during life’s milestones. Contact us today to help navigate through these needs and let us help you and your child have the peace of mind to take their next steps into adulthood. 
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